Semi-dedicated server resources

With a semi-dedicated hosting plans, you have access to a large chunk of the resources of an entire physical server. Because you will share the server with only a few other clients, you will get abundant CPU time and MySQL database space allowances for your resource–swallowing websites. You’ll be granted access to almost the same amount of system resources you’d get with a dedicated machine, but at a lower price, and will be able to manage your web hosting environment much easier in comparison to a standalone machine.

On a semi–dedicated server, you won’t obtain root access and will not have the option to pick a hosting Control Panel or a server Operating System. Instead, our admins will perform all server monitoring and maintenance operations on your behalf. Moreover, you will be able to take full advantage of Complete Cloud Solutions’s ground–breaking shared web hosting platform, which boasts a fabulous stability and a balanced allocation of the server resources.

A shared web hosting platform

Complete Cloud Solutions’s cloud hosting platform is the basis of all the semi–dedicated server plans that we’re offering. This will give your semi–dedicated server an impressive performance stability and you will not have to worry that you’re sharing a physical server with several other end users.

In addition, Complete Cloud Solutions’s cloud hosting platform allows for a very fast and easy transition from a shared web hosting package to a semi–dedicated server. Simply hit the Upgrade button and we’ll handle the transition on your behalf within seconds. What’s more, you can switch between Complete Cloud Solutions’s semi–dedicated server packages with a simple click of the mouse.

Our shared web hosting plans go hand in hand with the point–and–click Hepsia hosting Control Panel, so you’ll be able to manage your semi–dedicated server via an easy–to–work–with interface, which offers a variety of web site setup tools and free bonuses.

Convenient Online Control Panel

A semi–dedicated server is less difficult to manage in comparison with a dedicated server because of the shared web hosting platform it is based on and the Online Control Panel it comes bundled with.

Complete Cloud Solutions’s custom hosting Control Panel is built to work in the cloud. That’s why, it performs very fast and offers a remarkably intuitive interface where editing file permissions or creating an instance of Varnish is as easy as A, B, C. The Control Panel also offers seamless navigation, so you can quickly go from one section to another and easily find your way around.

What is more, you do not need to worry about server management procedures. We’ll monitor the server 24–7 and will conduct all the necessary maintenance procedures on your behalf. In this way, you’ll be able to focus exclusively on your sites.

Lots of free bonuses

In the hosting Control Panel there is a variety of free tools and bonuses that will allow you to create and popularize your websites with a mere mouse click and make full use of your server’s capacity.

With custom–developed web site creation tools such as our one–click App Installer and our automatic Site Installer Tool, you will be able to kickstart your new online diary, forum or online image gallery with a click. In addition, the included Marketing Instruments will help you make a brand–new sitemap or add RSS feeds to your site. And thanks to the elaborate web analytics statistics, you’ll be kept updated on your website’s online performance in real time.

And to help you give your sites an immense speed boost, we have integrated a set of Web Accelerators in the hosting Control Panel. With Memcached and Varnish, you’ll be able to cache incoming queries and make your web sites unbelievably fast.

Ensured safety

Besides increased overall performance, semi-dedicated hosting plans also ensure much better security for your websites.

On our custom shared web hosting platform, your server will be using software that’s based on a security–enhanced version of the already extremely secure Linux Operating System. We’ve modified the server Operating System even further to make it perform better with the server hardware and to diminish the risk of running into prospective problems.

The semi-dedicated hosting plans are available in all of our highly secure data centers. There, they will be protected by a number of anti–DDoS tools.